Nabie Fofanah, Biography


Nabie Fofanah was Born in the third world country of Sierra-Leone and then moved to

Guinea at the age of 5.


He moved to New York with his family for a better life and education.


At the age of 18, he Steps foot on a track for the first time in his life and joins the track team at Dewitt Clinton High School in the Bronx, NY. 18 is an extremely late start for any athlete. After 8 months of training Nabie only runs the pedestrian times of 11.76 in the 100 meter, 24.22 in the 200 meters and 54.10 in the 400 meters. With these slow times as a senior track athlete, there were plenty of jokes and discouragement from many people for him to quit the sport, but that wasn’t in his character. All of the critics and doubters just fueled his fire even more, and so he took on the challenge and set the enormous goal of becoming an Olympian in the 100 meters in 2004 in Athens, which seemed ridiculous at the time.


In just 1 short year Nabie improved his times to: 100m = 11.16, 200m = 22.85. That is 0.60 seconds in the 100 meter and 1.4 seconds in the 200 meters. If you are not familiar with sprint times, these improvements are huge. The 100-meter time improvement is the equivalent of improving in basketball from an average of 5 points per game to 20 points per game.


He becomes a first-time All-American in the 100 meters and runs an amazing time of 10.57, again another huge improvement of 0.60 seconds in just a year.


He breaks his school records in the 100m, 200m, 300m, 400m and triple jump.


He realizes his goal, the amazing dream of becoming a first-time Olympian in the 100m and 200 meters for his native country of Guinea, with personal bests of 100m = 10.47, 200m= 21.05. He is also the flag bearer during the opening ceremonies.


He makes his second Olympics in the 100 meters but this time he has company; his sister Fatmata Fofanah who was a multiple time All-American hurdler at Georgia tech alsoTechlifies in the 100m hurdles, one of the proudest moments in their family history.


He gets hired at the top gym in New York (Chelsea Piers), as a specialized Speed, Performance and Muscle Toning Coach.


In his 5 years at Chelsea Piers, he becomes known as the number one speed & muscle toning trainer in the New York area, training athletes for:

  • NFL Combine Preparation
  • Strength and Conditioning for all sports
  • Baseball: 60 Yard Dash
  • Basketball: First Step Quickness And Vertical Leap
  • Soccer: Agility & Conditioning
  • Distance running: 5k to marathon


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