Client Testimonials


“I have trained with Nabie for the past 2 summers. I can definitely tell you that Nabie has the best leg and core strength exercises that I have ever done. He has also helped me with my flexibility and conditioning as well. His training has me more confident than ever in my body for my second year in the NBA. I highly recommend you train with him for any sports skill improvements.”

Elfrid Payton

Point Guard, Orlando Magic, NBA

“Before I met Nabie, I had some bad coaching. I was lucky enough to meet him though, and we worked together for 2 months before my pro-day. He got my 40 yard speed down from a 4.47 to a scorching 4.28. He has a gift of being able to fix your start and add even more speed to an already fast person.”

Chevon Walker

Football Player, Ottawa Redblacks

“Nabie Fofanah is the most talented professional trainer I have ever worked with. His ability to help a soccer player increase his quickness and speed is unmatched. Quickness is so important on the soccer pitch and Nabie can help you achieve your ultimate goal.”

Luca Tognozzi

Soccer Player

“Nabie worked with my son, Anthony during his senior year in high school and was able to knock a half a second off his 60 yard run. As a baseball player looking to play in college, this made a huge difference.”    

Rick S.

Baseball Player's Father

“When I started with Nabie my 40 yards time was 5.2 seconds. 4-months later he got it down to an amazing 4.6 seconds. Nabie is the best trainer in the world. He Is there for his clients and pushes you for the best improvements in all categories of your sport. Training with Nabie was a breakthrough in my athletic success, I recommend his programs to the highest degree.”

Joey Troina

Football Player, 21

“When I started with Nabie, I was running 6.50 in the 40 yard dash. A year later and I’m down to an amazing 5.28. I’m flat footed and I used to run on my heels, until Nabie taught me proper form. As a result, I am the fastest kid in my junior high. Thanks Nabie!”

Scot Nelson

Football Player, Track Athlete, 12

“Nabie helped me make extreme improvements in my speed, running form, core, and overall strength. I ran my first 40 yard dash at 6.45, and within 4 months, he helped me get to 5.83. I would like to thank Nabie for all the improvements that I have seen while working with him and for all the things that I will accomplish because of his amazing knowledge.”

Mateo Gaultier

Football Player

“Nabie teaches me speed and movement, which really helps my boxing a lot. He notices every detail and recommends specific exercises for me that are really smart for what I do specifically. Ever since I’ve been training with Nabie, I’ve become looser and quicker. He’s a great coach!!!”

Jason Rosenbach

Boxer, 17, Silver Medalist- Desert Showdown World Amateur Boxing Championships

“After a summer’s worth of working with Nabie, my son has shown marked improvement across the board in speed, quickness, core strength and more. His tennis instructor had this to say about my son’s work with Nabie:  

“I have never seen Jackson look so fast and strong on the tennis court.”

He has an uncanny ability to play sports “psychologist.” And as a consequence we all should really refer to him as “Doctor” Nabie!”

Jackson Treiger

Basketball & Tennis Player (Parent's Review)

“When we first started working with Coach Nabie, he timed my daughter Lauren in the 100m dash at 14.67 seconds. One year later, Lauren’s PR in the 100m dash is 12.61 seconds. That’s a two second drop in one year. The interesting thing is that Lauren as a freshman, sophomore, and junior never ran the 100m or the 200m dash, she only ran the 400m. I came to Coach Nabie because her 400m training for three years was terribly inadequate.

Coach Nabie began focusing on the areas of Lauren’s training and performance that had previously been ignored. He began to focus on the little things that her high school coach had never considered or thought significant.

He really takes the time to show and explain the drills, techniques and the dynamics of the body as it pertains to sprinting. Lauren and I both have learned so much over the past year, and it’s just amazing how our understanding of sprinting has increased.

“Coach Nabie’s training routine was vigorous, tough, and tailored for Lauren. Because of the demands and the level of commitment expected by Coach Nabie it has all paid off. Lauren’s Track career has excelled to the level that she has always hoped for as she continues to improve. I attribute much of that success to Coach Nabie’s “Speed doctor” program.

Coach Nabie teaches speed, technique, and attitude. He turned my daughter into a sprinting beast. Lauren is learning how to “Unleash Her Greatness”.

Lauren and I would without hesitation, recommend Coach Nabie and the “Speed Doctor” program to anyone wanting to see their child go to an elite level in track and field.”

Lauren Bowden

Sprinter, 17, 100 meters (Parent's Review)

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